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Wednesday morning May 20th 2020

We are still in there. The Covid-19 numbers are going down. We went to a food trailer park last Saturday and it looked pretty normal, except for the vendors wearing masks. Weird. So I finally did my performance. It was difficult for all manner of reasons but I did it. It was an important milestone making subsequent performances so much easier. This was really a bare-naked show, but the next ones might have a mic stand. Here it is.

Just me and my guitar. Scary.

Wednesday Morning April 22nd 2020

Well, that was a long month. Seems like the numbers have fallen over the past two weeks. Hope so. I released two music videos. South Coast Blue and Aztec Lady. Very simple format with just the album artwork. Is that more successful than a video with moving content? I don’t know yet. My numbers are pretty low at the moment. I’m also preparing to perform live in front of a camera. Very scary. I posted a picture of me rehearsing. The first song will be “Song-20”. It will remain a mystery. Don’t stop. Don’t slow down. Never give up.

Saturday afternoon March 28th 2020

Just finished the lyric video for “Nightlife”. I actually think it’s quite good. We’ll have to see what people think. Still stuck indoors. All the data shows that reported cases are still rising in the United States. Scary. I still can’t decide if its bad taste or not to promote my music at this time. Just watched a video that says it’s ok if you are respectful. Everybody’s very stressed at this time. So, before I can finish the video I have to do another mix on “Nightlife”. Should be fun. Hope it is.

All the footage is around Austin, Texas.

Wednesday afternoon March 25th 2020

Just posted the Stand Up Now video to LinkedIn. Who know? I used tags this time. Useful, apparently. I also paid for a Post Boost on my Facebook page. Let’s see how that turns out. It’s quite depressing to post songs on YouTube, Facebook or whatever and get no response. But steeling yourself from the effects of universal rejection is the road to success. Tomorrow I shall post the rising sky version of “Belinda May”.

Tuesday afternoon March 24th 2020

Our council has ordered a ‘shelter in place’ order just now. Oh, dear. What can it mean? I’m not sure at the moment. But soon may this awful thing be gone.

My next job is to do the audio version of the “Sam Small Music Story”. It will be fun to do. It will be different in some respects to the blog style version on this site mainly because of copyright restrictions. I can post a Youtube version of anything, but I can’t copy a copyrighted song for use on my audio version. No matter, I’ll use extracts of some of my songs. So it’ll be a little like a radio show. Cool. Watch out for it in the menu area.

Sunday Evening March 21st 2020

Everyone is talking about the Coronavirus and nothing else at the moment. America and the rest of the world is sitting at home watching TV and wondering if they are going to get sick. What a bizarre world.

So I am stuck at home. Heather is now working from home. That’s not so bad. We have lunch together. No friends come round. Which is bad.

But I have a lot to do. Getting this website visitable. Get an audio version of the “Music Story” done. Get the rest of the Folkadelic tracks mixed. Do final mixes of YELLOW.

So, I have plenty to do to occupy my time in virtual quarantine. Then it’s a sustained promotion of my music and hope the world notices.

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