Future Albums


Well, I have quite a few songs in the old dusty closet. And I’m still writing. A ukulele song that I wrote while in Caprock Canyon last year. It’s a lullaby-like song with an American theme. A line came out, “America has much to learn / But we will get there turn by turn”. There is no politics in this line at all. It’s something that all Americans can identify with, I think. The American experiment is still in the oven!

Another ukulele song that emerged recently is called “Ukulele Lady”, the title track of the ukulele album. After the proposed cover artwork that includes The Boswell Sisters, this song is about the amazing Connie Boswell. She did many incredible things in her life and was admired, and copied, believe it or not, by Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. There are the giants of the 1940s and 1950s music scene.

So, I am really looking forward to the “Ukulele Lady” album. I want it to be as simple as “YELLOW” was complex.


I have a ton of acoustic guitar songs that I would love to do now that I have great studio to fully realize them. Again, they should be simple but there will be harmonies (of course) but a limited palette of other instruments – electric guitar and a Hammond, to name but two.


A song came out last year based on a riff that I recorded in the 90s called “A Feather in my Cap”. It is really cut down in terms of treatment. Jazz drum kit. String bass and a Hammond. I shall go through by back catalog to see if any others would lend themselves to this sad, dive bar sound. Or I may write some more.