Album: Folkadelic

There’s a puzzle in there. And a prize for who solves it first.

Hi there, friends! How y’all doing? I’ve been working on a new project called “Folkadelic” which is a collection of songs you might call ‘folk but strange with it’. And no, I haven’t forgotten the “Yellow” album. I decided to prepare more material for a sustained, varied campaign to get noticed by the world. Am I being musically schizophrenic? Maybe. But I like all kinds of music. Country, EDM, rock, folk – you name it. You probably do too. Here’s a preview song called “You Could Have Been”. It’s not quite finished, but almost there. Here’s the latest video.

He could have been a lot of things.

It’s about the quite difficult relationship between me and my father. When I was a small child things were quite close but when I hit teenage, things fell apart. He was a complex person, badly damaged by a horrendous childhood. He did his best, but darkness came over him when he met challenges and doubts. So this is my song to him. A word about the chorus. I wouldn’t have wished that he’d dressed as a cocktail waitress, but I wouldn’t have minded if he was happy about it. He told me once (and only once) that he fancied being a drummer. Well, maybe he wouldn’t have made it to Steeleye Span, but he could have been. Here’s another called “Not My Style”.

A little calm and reflection.

Do you know any folk artists who are performing strange folky songs? I’d like to know.If you like the song, please share. It would really help me – SAM

Ukulele Lady – Album in the works

I’ve written quite a number of songs written on the ukulele so it makes sense to record them under a collection. The ukulele is the most cheerful and optimistic instrument I have ever played. It seems to have a sense of humor. Can’t argue with that, so I won’t.

The above artwork is that which I hope to use if I have permission. It is of the incomparable, majestic, seminal, true greats of the music business – The Boswell Sisters. I’ll write their story in a separate piece when the album looks like it will happen.

Here’s a little preview of two of the tracks.

It’s a fleshed out demo, really. I’m going to change the harmony of the main chorus. I might change the comb and paper solo. But it’s all pretty much done. I tried to emulate the Bowell Sisters’ three part harmony technique. Didn’t quite make it but it makes a happy sound.

This is just a fragment of the intro to the song. It’s about the most wonderful place I ever saw in England. I wanted to move there but it didn’t happen. My secret pet name for it was Melabiko.

The Final Album Artwork

Well, I think this is the final design for the album artwork. A little splashy and very yellow.

“According to surveys in Europe, Canada, and the United States, yellow is the color people most often associate with amusement, gentleness, humor, and spontaneity, but also with duplicity, envy, jealousy, avarice, and, in the U.S., with cowardice.”


It spoke volumes to me and described the mood of the nine songs perfectly. Lots of ambiguity, confusion, love and self loathing. I’ve been there. You have, probably too. But there’s joy there too. I have always loved harmonies and what you hear on this record are harmonies that I’ve always wanted to do. The amazing digital domain gives me that power.